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Mind Maverick Meditation

Are You Ready For a Life Without Being Held Back By Stress And Anxiety?


'I just can't stay consist with my practice'

'I constantly feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and it's holding me back in life'

'I've tried apps and guided meditaitons for sure but I can't clear my mind and they don't seem to work'

'I know I should be meditating but am just too busy to fit in time for myself'


'This gave meditation a whole new meaning for me, I now actually understand how to do meditate and it's an easy part of my routine'

'My whole life has shifted, anxiety is almost gone and I am so much calmer... wow'

'I'm now seeing results in my days from meditating, this style has changed the game, I even sleep better'

'I am so much more creative and productive... I can meditate anytime, anywhere, no apps.'


Ready to unlock the better version of you?

~ I can't Clear My Mind! Perfect, me neither. You don't have to with Mind Maverick

~ No way I can sit for more than a minute. You'll be suprised. It's about being comfortable... if you can sit, think and close your eyes you can meditate. Simple.

~ I've tried meditation before and it hasn't worked. This is NOT like the apps or at end of yoga. You'll be amazed how life can get better even just after the first few weeks.

~ Not sure I believe all this woo woo shit. I'm a skeptic. The beauty of this practice is you don't have to believe anything. If you do it, it works.

What Do You Get?

~ Lifetime Access to course.

~ 100% Online and self paced so you complete at home in your own time.

~ Journal Guides & Workbooks.

~ ‘Calming’ Stress Management technique.

~ Bonus Mindfulness practice.

~ Bonus Habit Consistency hack.

~ Step by Step guide on how to Meditate.

~ Support from Janoah through private group of like minded people.

~ 14 Day Money back Guarantee

Maverick Meditation VALUE: $2,950

Your Price: only $297

‘I used to think Meditation just wasn't for me... That's because I didn't understand it.

Now I get it. I can't picture life without it'

There is a reason why most high perfomers around the world swear by meditation, from Oprah Winfrey, to Ray Dalio to Arianna Huffington to Michael Jordan...


1. A Meditation practice that is specifically designed to go to the root cause and help your body release the built up stress, tension and fatigue.

2. Effective breathing techniques that you can use throughout the day to calm anxiety.

3. A Mindfulness method that grounds you and helps build focus. Mindfulness is not the same as meditation.

Invest just 2% of your day to make the other 98% that much better...

Like you, this has helped hundreds of people who ...

~ Were held back by stress & anxiety.

~ Thought meditation was hard.

~ Thought they had to clear their minds and

that meditation 'just wasn't for me'

~ Used apps that never worked!

Hear from our Mavericks that thought they couldn’t meditate who now have it as part of their daily routine.

I was an absolute meditation skeptic. I'd read of and listened to many successful people and how they make their daily meditation a non negotiable wondering how?? How do so many people do this and I cant!!! Straight away he was real telling his own experience of being a skeptic. His course was excellent. I feel so excited for my future with my mediation being a non negotiable. Thank you Janoah!

Liz Gallagher

"My meditation practice has changed my life. I went from highly-strung, anxious and stress fuelled to focused, calm and well-rested, and I owe it all to Janoah and his course.’

Hollie Azzopardi

I was always told I needed to meditate but resisted it for years!! Janoah's real and down to earth approach made it so much easier to digest! It has helped me so much in my day to day life. I feel less stressed, anxiety is way down and more in control of feeling overwhelmed by life I couldn’t recommend Janoah more to anyone looking for an introduction to meditation.

Cassey Maynard

Have tools to calm you in the moment

Increase clarity and focus

Decrease stress and anxiety

No longer need to use apps

Have better sleep and more energy

Build confidence in yourself

You might be thinking...


  • Who the hell is this guy & why should I trust him?

    ‘I’ve been where you are, I’ve felt anxiety to the point of vomiting, I’ve felt the pressure of running two businesses, I used to not be able to sleep without the TV on in the background. I struggled with apps and failed time and time again to find a consistent routine thinking my mind was the craziest.

  • Is this going to be ‘just another program’?

    This isn’t just some course I threw together after a weekend workshop, I have developed this practice over 10 years by pulling together my personal experience, study of Vedic Philosophy blended with Western Science.

  • What's included in the program?

    - Lifetime access to the course & community.

    - Learn in your own time at home, online.

    - Step by Step direction on how to use the Maverick Meditation Method without being guided each time.

    - Bonus Calming Stress Management breathing tool.

    - Bonus Mindfulness technique.

    - Bonus Consistency hack.

    - Workbook and journal triggers to guide you through the process.

    - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • How much does this program cost?

    You have two options.

    1. Pay a coffee a day for 3 months.


    2. Get a discount and pay $297 up front.

    Either way you have this for life.

  • Can I get my money back if it doesn't work?

    No problem.

    Let me know within 14 days of purchase and I will give you a refund.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

IMAGINE feeling free in your days, no longer being held back by stress or anxiety, where your mind is more calm. IMAGINE you have more clarity and confidence around who you are and your purpose in this world. IMAGINE you are a consistent meditator who has time to fit it in and understands how it actually works.


This is for you if...

Are a beginner to meditation, not sure where to start or who to trust...

Have tried some apps but struggle to stay consistent and don’t really feel like you are getting anywhere

Feel drained from stress, anxiety and overwhelm that comes with day to day.

Feel your mind is too busy and that you can’t ‘control’ or ‘clear’ it.