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To empower and inspire leaders to unlock their unique potential so that they impact the world and leave a legacy.

I felt like I wasn't operating at my fullest potential, but I always knew I had more in me...

I'm Janoah,

I was always interested in performing better, unlocking my version of 'success' and having an impact on the world, but I wasn't sure what exactly that looked like.

Spending the first part of my career managing teams in hospitality taught me how to work with and get the best out of a range of different people (from 25 y/o bartenders, to firey security guards to high value clients) while studying multiple degrees including a Masters Degree in Commerce.

From here I spent the next portion of my life working in a global tech sales team and building several independent alcohol brands from scratch. (this wasn't always fun, but I learnt a lot)

The transition into a 'wellness' focus came when it finally clicked that investing in personal development was actually an investment in my performance, NOT just becoming a flowy hippie.

I spent the next decade studying, researching and practicing everything from meditation, to psychedelics to mindset processes.

Now having launched several of my own businesses where I have worked with brands like Redbull and Salesforce and mentored hundreds of high performing individuals I landed on my WHY...

And that brings me to here.

What I noticed both personally and in particular with other business owners or CEO's was that naturally we find ourselves wearing all the hats, out of fear others can never do it as well as us or that we 'should' be hustling this hard to be successful.

Next minute the business you were once excited about is sucking the life out of you and you are struggling to keep your head above water trying to manage a team, grow the business and still have a personal life.

Imagine having someone who you can trust come into your business and help take the pressure off you so you get more time back for the things that matter.

Imagine feeling calm, clear and focused with the ability to get back to building that impactful brand.

Imagine having the time, space and energy to live life on your terms while still creating a culture YOU chose, that people look back on in 10 years and go wow, working for them was one of the best things I ever did.

A better friend, a better partner, a better parent, a better business owner.... A better leader.

What will your legacy be?

Let me help you create it...



For Mavericks...

The people and brands I like to work with are Mavericks...

Mavericks know what they stand for, and aren't here to play small.

Mavericks are driven by legacy, they leave their mark. They inspire.

Mavericks are trailblazers, they challenge the status quo and create their own way.

Mavericks take the lead, they aren't held back by fear, stress or overwhelm.


You can have it all...

The business.

The freedom.

The impact.

The recognition.

The family.