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From Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

"An incredible and life changing experience. I had little to no down time in my day and life was chaotic... Since doing the course I have become a lot calmer and more rational with my decisions"

Sophie Guidolin

"My meditation practice has changed my life. I went from highly-strung, anxious and stress fuelled to focused, calm and well-rested, and I owe it all to Mind Maverick Meditation."

Hollie Azzopardi

"I was always told I needed to meditate but resisted. Maverick Meditation was so easy! It helped me so much in my day to day life. I feel less stressed, more in control and no longer overwhelmed by life"

Cassey Maynard

How the Mind Maverick Method Works

STEP 1: Meditation

Learn the three most powerful tools to Free Your Mind from stress and anxiety and calm your nervous system:

1. A meditation technique that doesn't require apps or guidance that actually works.

2. Effective breathing techniques to shift anxiety and stress in the moment.

3. A Mindfulness process to calm and ground you throughout your days.

STEP 2: Mindset

Once you have the tools to calm your nervous system and manage emotions we can build upon this and develop your Mindset:

1. Understand your level of worth and build more confidence.

2. Learn the skills to master Mindfulness and upgrade your mental default program.

3. Build boundaries and develop a more abundant mindset.

STEP 3: Meaning

Now we transform your life at a deep fulfilment level. Once you see a reduction in stress, more clarity and confidence we can build:

1. Unlock your purpose, and develop your pillars of fulfilment.

2. Get clear on your core values, living in alignment and review your connection with self and others.

3. Step into who you want to BE and move forward with alignment.

Maverick MEDITATION Online

Start Here! Phase 1.

"To say the 21 Days was life changing would be a huge understatement... The transformation has been crazy" -Tiahna

Learn the tools to reduce stress, calm your overactive mind and cut anxiety without needing to be guided or use an app each time.

This is the foundation that will power charge your ability to transform your life.


The Full Mind Maverick Method.

This includes the full Maverick Meditation Online Course plus the Mindset and Meaning Pillars and 1:1 Support from Janoah to help you:

- Cut stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.

- Build confidence and master your mind.

- Find purpose, align to your core values and transform your life in both connection to self and relationships with others.


Working 1:1 with me

This is a transformational process based on looking at where your life currently sits and getting clear on where you want to be.

I will guide you through the process to help you get unstuck and create the life you want.

This three month container gives you exclusive access to me. I'll have your back the whole way through.

Are you ready to make the change?

Unlock the Mind of a Maverick

If you are after robe wearing gurus and mystical quick fixes you are in the wrong place...

The Maverick Way is about balancing realism with spirituality. It is about wellness and performance.

It is about Freeing Your Mind from the barriers that hold you back from living life on your terms. Doing the things you want, feeling free, confident and resilient.

The Maverick Equation

More than just meditation

Does your Meditation Practice Look Nothing Like this Photo?

PERFECT.... Because this is not real life for most of us.

‘For me, the biggest things are my mental clarity - it's like I’m unable to be bothered by things… It’s really odd - things that should stress me or upset me, they just aren’t… I have significantly less ‘noise’ in my head.


And I am waking up at like 5am WIDE AWAKE - whereas my normal routine is alarm at 5:30am that kills me

- Kyla

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