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Join me on the journey to a better life

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Managing Stress & Mastering Meditation


If you are after a robe wearing guru, you are in the wrong place...

I am not your standard meditation teacher or coach.

If you are a beginner to the space of personal development, struggle with apps but want to calm your mind, cut the negative thoughts and develop more confidence and direction in your life then Free Your Mind is for you.


Maybe you are struggling with stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, or you are lacking confidence and are feeling out of alignment with no real purpose in your life.

This online program uses the full Triple M Method (Meditation | Mindset | Meaning) to guide you to a place of calm, confidence and connection not only to yourself but to your purpose.


Self Paced Online Program

NEVER HAVE TO USE AN APP AGAIN! If having the power to calm your overactive mind, cut anxiety and become a self sufficient meditator without needing to be guided or use an app feels like a super power you want, then the Maverick Meditation Course is for you.

We focus purely on the First M Meditation.


Working 1:1 with me

This is a transformational process based on my Triple M Method (Meditation, Mindset, Meaning) designed to help you get the most out of yourself and life. Choose from a 6 week or 3 month journey that is tailored to you. I'll have your back the whole way through. Are you ready to make the change?


Workplace wellness programs tailored to your business

From 60 minute keynotes to 3 month programs, I have a range of solutions depending on your outcomes. I love working with forward thinking companies who are investing back in their staff's wellbeing. I use set frameworks or can create a bespoke program just for your business.


"My meditation practice has changed my life. I went from highly-strung, anxious and stress fuelled to focused, calm and well-rested, and I owe it all to Janoah and his course."

Hollie Azzopardi

‘I had always been a little sceptical of meditation. It is now something I implement in my daily life and it has drastically improved the way I operate. I feel more level headed and I find it much easier to step back from the little things and take in the big picture. It’s a great life skill to have.’

Chris Hole

"I was always told I needed to meditate but resisted it for years!! Until I met the absolute legend Janoah. His real and down to earth approach made it so much easier to digest! It has helped me so much in my day to day life. I feel less stressed, more in control and no longer overwhelmed by life"

Cassey Maynard

The Maverick Equation

I'm more than just a meditation teacher.


You can’t build a house without a solid foundation just like we can’t shift our mindset and create new habits without a solid nervous system and mental bandwidth. I will make you a self sufficient meditator to help remove the build up of stress, tension and fatigue. We do this by calming the nervous system and increasing your awareness.


This influences our experience of life. What kind of world do you want to live in? We work through old limiting patterns, and rewire a new operating system with the ability to shift away from negative thoughts and calm the mind. We become more aware of what causes our suffering our old wounds, beliefs and who we can be. We unlock your truest self, one of confidence and worth.


Call it your why, purpose, whatever you like. Humans need meaning in their lives, and it can be simple. Are you living in alignment? We move through the process of getting clear on your values, purpose and align it to our behaviours and identity. We delve into masculine and feminine energy to find your core power. From a position of clarity we create and manifest our future world.

Struggling to find a practice that works?

‘For me, the biggest things are my mental clarity - it's like I’m unable to be bothered by things… It’s really odd - things that should stress me or upset me, they just aren’t… I have significantly less ‘noise’ in my head.


And I am waking up at like 5am WIDE AWAKE - whereas my normal routine is alarm at 5:30am that kills me’

- Kyla

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