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Did you know stress costs Australian businesses over $10 Billion a year?

Not only that...

~ 75%-90% of doctors visits and and 50% of job absenteeism is caused by stress (reference)

~ For every $1 spent on effective mental health programs there is $2.30 ROI in performance (reference)

~Meditation makes employees happier, more productive, better equipped to handle conflict and have better interpersonal skills (reference)

~ Meditation reduces burn out and improves job satisfaction (reference)

Why is workplace wellness important?

It is the responsibility of business leaders to invest in their staff for the benefit of employees and the organisation.

I combine my experience working in a range of different industries with my knowledge of Vedic philosophy, neuroscience and mindsets to deliver a program that both educates and empowers your staff to understand and cope with stress, build resilience, and to cultivate an environment of cohesion, creativity, happiness and productivity.

I can create bespoke programs, or workshops depending on your business needs, time and budget or implement one of the below.

Workplace Programs

'Be Better' Keynote

Time commitment: 60 mins

Delivery: In person OR Online

Capacity: Unlimited

This foundational discussion uses a pragmatic approach to educate and inspire staff while giving them takeaway tools and knowledge. I cover key points including:

- Intro on my background of work / stress + using meditation to manage

- Meditation for performance / types etc

- Pillars of Mindfulness and reframing mindset 

- Habits/ routines for resilience

- Calming Clarity Breathing technique (2-5 mins)

- Q&A

'Uplevel' Meditation Course

Time commitment: 4.5hrs approx. (either in one day or split over two)

Delivery: In person OR Online

Capacity: up to 25 people

This program is designed as an efficient power combination of tools and knowledge for high performers. Staff will become self-sufficient with a daily meditation practice to help manage stress, shift to calming states, stimulate the mind and release the build up of stress and fatigue out of the body to increase mental and physical performance without the need for an app.

'Peak Performance' Program

Time Commitment: 45-1hr workshops delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Option #1: 6 x workshops

Option #2: 12 x workshops

Delivery: Online (in person could be discussed if needed)

Capacity: unlimited (sessions recorded for those that miss for staff access to portal throughout period)