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A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

'No longer reserved for lotus positions and quests for spiritual enlightenment, meditation could be the key to unlocking our true potential, whether that’s in the office, on the sports field, or even in the bedroom'

Could Meditation be the key to fuelling your creativity?

'Nike, Facebook, Sony and Goldman Sachs are just a few of the many companies incorporating meditation to achieve a more productive and happier Workplace.'

This Is Why You Need To Be Meditating...

'Meditating makes you happy.. But the first time you try meditating, there’s a good chance it’ll drive you crazy.'


Darling, Shine!

Chloe Chapman & Ellidy Pullin

'Expert and trainer Janoah van Kekem discusses the monkey mind... daily routines, how to come back from trauma and much more...'

Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast

Dan Kennedy

'Want to improve performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and reach your full potential while understanding your true purpose?'

The Blonde Files

Arielle Lorre

'Overcome demons including hard partying and aimlessness and how to transform your life'

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