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Maverick Mentoring : Work 1:1 with me

New to the world of personal development and meditation but want more in depth and personal attention? I keep a small amount of time for private coaching.


I use the Triple M Method as a framework (Meditation, Mindset, Meaning) with space to go deep into certain areas you want to work on.


Free your mind from stress and anxiety, and develop new levels of confidence, clarity and purpose in your life.

3 Month Journey

We go through the full Triple M Method. I'll help you unlock what you need to move forward inline with the life you want to create.


~ Month 1: 4 x Sessions

~ Learn Maverick Meditation

~ 3 Pillars of Mindfulness

~ Month 2 & 3 : Fortnightly Sessions

~ Extra resources and worksheets for each weeks integration.

~ Access to Janoah via messaging and voice note throughout the duration of the Mentorship.

~ Room to focus in on certain areas of your life you want to work on, just let me know in the application process.


Upfront: $3000 (AUD)

Payment Plan: 6 x Monthly Payments of $525

Meditation Only

If you want to focus purely on meditation we can also do that.

Our focus here is around removing the old stress from the past so you can show up at your best here in the now.

There are two versions of Maverick Meditation:

Option 01. This has everything; full ceremony and personal Mantra.

Option 02. Slightly more introductory and no ceremony and your choice of universal Mantra.

You will become self sufficient, never need to be guided again. This is unlike any free app meditation you will have ever tried.

*all conducted via zoom


Between: $795-$2000

depending which option 

email: with questions


I can help you work out the best option

What other Mavericks are saying:

“I always thought that meditation was very difficult to incorporate into my day, but with Janoah’s knowledge and enthusiasm he gave me the skills and motivation to make it one of my ‘non-negotiables’ when it comes to my health. I would highly recommend Janoah to take you on your journey to a better state of mind.”

Dr Lewis Ehrlich

"Before starting with Janoah my life was confusing. I was newly separated, my mind was cloudy, I was severely depressed and I was extremely low on motivation for my future. My main resistance was fear and skepticism. With Janoah I instantly felt safe, like I could open up honestly. He was so respectful about my fears and wants for my future. My life took an insane turn for the better. I came off my antidepressants, I learnt to manage my emotions and thought processes and I’ve learned to be accepting of myself and welcome new beginnings into my life. Since the course I have been more decisive and productive with my life as a single mum. "

Rachel Anasson