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Direct Consulting

For the busy (HR / GM / CEO / OWNER). I consult directly with you on all things Wellness, Culture and Performance taking the pressure off you so you can be more present and effective in your day to day.

We get clear on your vision for the company and then I support you to implement a specific strategy to align your team and have them at their best.

Retainer or Project Based

Workshop: Master Your Stress and Unlock Your Genius

Time commitment: 60 mins

Delivery: Online or In person

Capacity: Unlimited

This workshop blends wellness with performance using a pragmatic approach to educate and inspire staff while giving them practical tools and knowledge to manage stress and develop sustainable routines for a clear, calm and more creative mind.

I cover key points including:

- Why stress makes you scattered and stupid and how to overcome it.

- Meditation and Mindfulness for performance (not hippies)

- How to unlock your unique genius.  

- Habits/ routines for resilience and wellness.

- Calming Clarity Breathing technique (2-5 mins)

To book or enquire email:

For Small to Medium Business Owners

This is designed for growing businesses between 10-40 staff. This is crucial timing to align your vision, purpose and culture to set you and your team up for next phase of growth.

I take the pressure off you, so you get more time and clarity back which means you'll feel calm and clear again with more space to be more present and effective not only when working but with friends and family.

Feel excited about the future of your company as I focus on alignment of your greater vision and company purpose, team culture and wellness so you get back in the drivers seat.\

Get time, space and energy back for the things that matter to you and move the needle in your business.

Did you know stress costs Australian businesses over $10 Billion a year?

Not only that...

~ 75%-90% of doctors visits and and 50% of job absenteeism is caused by stress (NCBI)

~ For every $1 spent on effective mental health programs there is $2.30 ROI in performance (Beyond Blue)

~Meditation makes employees happier, more productive, better equipped to handle conflict and have better interpersonal skills (Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine)

~ Meditation reduces burn out and improves job satisfaction (NCBI)

'As a consultant tasked with the role of empowering our people to enhance their health and wellbeing to help drive performance, Janoah’s program was fantastic. He has a highly engaging, grounded and relatable style which meant those involved really bought into his message.Collectively, the feedback from the group has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are already seeing the benefits in many ways. I look forward to working with Janoah to bring the program to more of our people, and highly recommend It to any company looking for an edge to equip people with the tools and practices to support their wellbeing and drive performance.'

Luke Maslin (Robert Walters)

Janoah hosted a workshop during our national summit to help us look at ways to unwind during manic working periods we often experience. His approach felt like something that could realistically be implemented in and around the working day regardless of the environment. Our staff responded really well as it helped them to understand how to deal with both work-related and personal stress we carry around each day. I've since seen a genuine improvement in energy levels and creativity amongst the team and It's helped us to open up a dialogue which will ultimately result in improved team morale. I've since made recommendations internally to implement his program with other key members of staff and departments within our business.’

Martin Barret (Time Out Magazine)

'Janoah's presentation and delivery was excellent. Janoah has a conversational and casual style which is understandable and highly engaging and has the right level of encouragement, but not at all intimidating. His past/work history and references are relatable and makes for great storytelling. He created a safe space for staff to learn.'

Krystle Wheeler (Redbull)

Working with Janoah enriched my life in ways I hadn't anticipated! My main goal was to 'close some of the permanently open tabs' in my brain! Finding a way to disconnect, quieten the mind and embrace a state of rest in my days has made a direct impact on my creativity, and ability to thrive in my socially very busy, and physically very exhausting work life. I recommend Janoah's course to everyone - particularly business owners!’

Tori Clapham (Owner, Peaches Pilates Group)

'I have been working with Janoah personally for 2 years now, and love the energy he brings and the knowledge he delivers. Through teaching me the foundations of meditation and a high-performance mindset I have managed to completely change the direction and quality of my life! We are now working together in my construction company to improve the quality of our employees lives and raise the bar and standards of how we show up in business. The results and morale of our workplace have exceeded my expectations, our team is now stepping into our power as elite high performers with Janoah's guidance and support.'

Luke Dillon (Owner, Mint Joinery)

'Working with Janoah was a life changing experience. I had little to no down time in my days and life was chaotic... Since bringing Janoah in I have become a lot calmer, more rational with my decisions and my business has transformed into the one I actually wanted to create at the beginning... As a mother, and multiple business owner, having someone I can trust and as an on-going advisor both in life and business is priceless'

Sophie Guidolin (Owner, The Bod)