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About Janoah

Hello! I’m a meditation and mindset facilitator. One thing I’m not, is a spiritual guru levitating around in a robe, although I do have the legs for it. I’m a skeptic. I had always associated meditation with religion or having to join a cult. I was also under the illusion that meditation and mindset practices were about clearing your thoughts which is basically impossible, there is so much more to it, and it’s easy.

Throughout my life both at work and socially, I had never felt like I was operating at my fullest potential. I always felt I could be more productive, happier, and more intelligent. I experienced anxiety to the point of feeling physically ill, I had to put in headphones while going to sleep to cancel out my crazy mind, I also only realised in hindsight how much of an arsehole I could be to friends and family.

The turning point to get me to learn to meditate was when I realised that experiencing anxiety and negative thought patterns weren’t things we just had to push through. I saw the science supporting meditation and the importance of our mindset and figured out that not only do most of the high performers around the world meditate, but you can do it anywhere and still remain engaged in the world.

After experiencing the benefits both personally (i.e. none of the above are an issue for me anymore... well maybe I am occasionally an arsehole still) and in people around me, I decided to learn to become a teacher. To do this I had over three years of daily practice under my belt and then undertook another 18 months of study and further daily advanced meditation.

My aim is to normalise meditation and get as many people doing it as possible. So many of us are missing out due to lack of understanding or resistance from the weird stigma attached to it.  

Interested in making this life of yours a little better? I teach both private and corporate, meditation and mindset techniques to help you reduce stress, shift limiting mindsets and increase performance allowing you to experience more alignment, flow and fulfilment in your life.