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UP Level - Meditation Course

This group program is designed for high performers as a power combination of tools and knowledge to arm staff with deeper understanding of meditation and mindset supported with take away techniques to shift states and release stress and fatigue out of the body to increase mental and physical performance.

Time commitment: 2 x 2 hour workshops (ideally over two consecutive days)

Group Size: up to 25 People

Investment: $2500 (Online)  $3500 (In Person)

Workshop #1 (120 minutes):

  • Understanding stress, human psyche and the mind body connection

  • Intro to philosophy of meditation and mindfulness

  • Discussion around attachment and suffering

  • Barriers

  • Breathing technique (tool)

  • Mindfulness (tool)

  • Non-directive meditation (practice)

Workshop #2 (120 minutes):

  • Staff check-in

  • Neuroscience of stress release

  • Expansion of consciousness / flow

  • Group meditation / review

  • Mindsets: expansion / creation

  • Routines / Sleep hygiene

  • Motivation behind goal setting

Course Outcomes:

Business: Team cohesion | Morale | Increase presenteeism (productivity/mind on job) | Decrease absenteeism

Staff: Self awareness | Increased focus and attention span | Immune strength | Decrease stress and anxiety | Increased resilience | Increased energy levels | Better sleep | Work-life balance management

*Based on attendance of full course and continued use of knowledge and tools