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Meditation for beginners and experts

'Ummm so much has changed since I started this course it's crazy!

NO anxiety! I even started a new job!!

I'm just like sometimes, when is this good calmer mood going to end?! I'm recommending you left right and centre'

Maybe you have been dabbling with an app but feel it isn't really getting you anywhere or you want to go deeper?  Potentially you are skeptical as fuck, but know there is something more and are keen to take your life to the next level? This was me. Picture a guy, high energy, stressed, has to use T.V or music plugged into ears to get to sleep as my mind was so nuts, anxious, drinks too much to numb and give confidence... Compared to now; sleep like baby, in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in, more confident, resilient, calm and operating intellectually at the highest level ever.

This is a very specific technique that will likely be quite different to what you have done in the past unless you have already learnt Vedic (or TM as it is very similar) The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and support so you walk a way as a self-sufficient meditator. No need to be guided each time or having to plug into an app.

If you are serious about seeing the deepest results from your meditation practice this is the best option.

The course is taught in three deep and juicy workshops over three consecutive days by Janoah.


Course Outline

Day One ~ 1-1.5 Hours

~ Receive your private mantra

~ Meditation Fundamentals

~ Meditation

~ Puja Ceremony

Day Two ~ 2 Hours

~ Check-in

~ Meditation

~ Vedic philosophy

~ Practicalities for best results

~ Routines

~ Mindfulness

Day Three ~ 2 Hours

~ Check-in

~ Meditation

~ Neuroscience of stress

~ Living in creation

~ Overcoming Barriers

~ Moving Forward With Alignment

3 Day Maverick Meditation Mastery Course

'Meditation is a miracle drug. Side effects include: more focus, better memory, longer attention span, enhanced creativity, greater well-being.' - Arianna Huffington

Outcomes & Benefits of Meditation Mastery

Increased Calm in the mind

Less reactivity and negative thoughts

Better Sleep & Increase in energy

Increased awareness, higher levels of creativity and focus

Much deeper meditation practice

Higher levels of creativity and focus

A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

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Meditation MASTERY

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the Meditation Mastery?

    ~Full Ceremony and Private Mantra

    ~1:1 Mentorship from Janoah

    ~3 x 1.5-2hr 1:1 Workshops (Live or Online)

    ~1 x Follow up 1hr 1:1 Workshop (Online)

    ~3 x Months Free access to Maverick Membership

  • What is my investment?



    PRIVATE COURSE: (Couples / Small Groups available)

    IN PERSON: $2250 AUD

    ONLINE: $1750 AUD

    *Small groups - $950 per head for each extra person in group

    Special Discounts for Maverick Mastery Meditation Course: Full time student / teenager.

    * 6 & 12 Month Payment plans available just ask

  • I'm ready! How do I book?