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Advanced Mantra:

Prerequisite: Previously completed in-person Vedic or TM Course

Workshop: 90-120 minutes

Conducted: In-Person, One on One

This is open to Meditators who have been regularly practicing for at least a year with their first Mantra and want to take their meditation to the next level.  The aim of an 'Advanced Mantra' is to further integrate the characteristics of the expanded fourth state you access during meditation into your everyday life.

The sessions include:

  • Discussion on your current practice

  • Particulars you wish to expand on

  • Puja Ceremony (similar to when you received your first mantra)

  • Receive your advanced mantra

  • Meditation - we will meditate together

  • Discussion around moving forward with your new practice

For more info or to book a session email here.

Fee: $595 (inc. GST) *20% discount if you learnt your first Mantra technique from me