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'Janoah’s program was fantastic.
He has a highly engaging and relatable style which makes a somewhat ‘mystical’ practice grounded, which meant those involved really bought into his message. Collectively, the feedback from the group has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are already seeing the benefits in many ways. I look forward to working with Janoah to bring the program to more of our people, and highly recommend it to any company looking for an edge to equip people with the tools and practices to support their wellbeing and drive performance.'
- Luke Maslin, Robert Walters

This program is the designed for high performing teams as a power packed combination of tools and knowledge to arm staff with deeper understanding of meditation and constructive mindsets supported with take away techniques to shift states and release stress and fatigue out of the body to increase mental and physical performance.

Time commitment: 2 x 2 hour workshops (ideally over two consecutive days)

Group Size: Max 20 People

Delivered: Online or In Person 

Workshop #1 (120 minutes):

  • Understanding stress, human psyche and the mind body connection
  • Intro to philosophy of meditation and mindfulness
  • Discussion around attachment and suffering
  • Barriers
  • Breathing technique (tool)
  • Mindfulness (tool)
  • Non-directive meditation (practice)

Workshop #2 (120 minutes):

  • Staff check-in
  • Neuroscience of stress release
  • Expansion of consciousness / flow
  • Group meditation / review
  • Mindsets: expansion / creation
  • Routines / Sleep hygiene
  • Motivation behind goal setting

Course Outcomes: 

Business: Team cohesion | Boost Morale | Increase presenteeism | Decrease absenteeism | Increase in productivity

Staff: Self awareness | Increased focus and attention span | Better Health | Decrease stress and anxiety | Increased resilience | Increased energy levels | Better sleep | Work-life balance management

*Based on attendance of full course and continued daily use of knowledge and meditation

Investment: $2500-$3500