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“Our staff responded really well... I’ve since seen a genuine improvement in energy levels and creativity amongst the team and it’s helped us to open a dialogue which will ultimately improve team morale”

-Martin Barrett, Time Out Media

Time Commitment: 60 minutes

Group Size: Unlimited

Delivered: Online or In person

In this foundational presentation I host an educational discussion supported by practical take away tools. 

  • My movement through stress management, anxiety and negative thought patterns, and how meditation helped

  • Understanding stress and the mind body connection

  • Stress management techniques

  • Human evolution, the ego and barriers to performance

  • Meditation / mindfulness fundamentals

  • Mindful meditation clarity technique

  • Q & A

The outcome of the  workshop is to have your staff walk away with an understanding of stress and how it impacts the mind and body, how to manage it and an insight into the different types fo meditation along with a simple technique they can easily integrate it into their lives.

The content can be tailored depending on your business values, size and needs.  If you would like to discuss just click enquire and I will be in touch.