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Workplace Wellbeing

Why does your business need to incorporate meditation? Workloads are increasing and burnout, stress, fatigue and overwhelm are now common experiences in the workplace (reference)- impacting performance and quality of life.

  • Stress costs Australian businesses over $10 Billion a year (reference)

  • 75%-90% of doctors visits and and 50% of job absenteeism is caused by stress (reference)

  • For every $1 spent on effective mental health programs there is $2.30 ROI in performance (reference)

  • Meditation makes employees happier, more productive, better equipped to handle conflict and have better interpersonal skills (reference)

  • Meditation reduces burn out and improves job satisfaction (reference)

It is the responsibility of business leaders to invest in their staff for the benefit of employees and the organisation.

I combine my experience working in a range of different industries with my knowledge of Vedic philosophy, neuroscience and mindsets to deliver a program that both educates and empowers your staff to understand and cope with stress, build resilience, and to cultivate an environment of cohesion, creativity, happiness and productivity.