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Want to discover your true potential?

Maybe you have tried the apps and aren't really feeling anything or want to take things to the next level, or maybe like me you are a skeptic and can't control your thoughts (hint it's not about that, thoughts are part of this process).
Imagine the feeling of operating at your full potential, that little bit happier, calmer, more productive.

Benefits of Meditation

~ Decreased stress and anxiety

~Increased clarity and focus

~ Increased resilience and ability to face challenges

~ Increased calmness and ability to relax

~ Increased awareness and intuition

~ Increased creativity

~ Consistent self sufficient practice

~ No need to plug into an app

~ Better Sleep

Sounds pretty good huh?

Meditation makes your life better.  It’s not hard to learn, and in return for a few minutes of practice a day it will help you experience more alignment, flow and fulfilment in your life.

How? We all have a potential right? (where you want to be) And then we have our actual. (where you are now) The barriers to you performing more at your potential each day are the build up of things like; stress, tension, fatigue, negative thoughts and mental distractions. This method works to remove those barriers using a combination of deep rest for the nervous system to release this build up, with stimulation of the brain to increase its operating power, awareness, learning ability and bandwidth.

We are in an era where burnout, stress, fatigue and overwhelm are standards in the workplace and life in general (It's Official). Some of us have become so used to it, it just feels normal, but the beauty of neuroplasticity is that you CAN change.Getting better at life looks different for everyone, when our bodies aren't operating in survival mode (think, anxious, juggling deadlines, negative thoughts, overwhelm etc) this allows our best and most authentic self to come forward.I use a combination of Eastern philosophy, Western science and proven techniques.
If you think you’re too busy to meditate, then you probably need to. And you are not alone - we all think we’re too busy, but imagine being more productive and sharper in your decision making?

There has been a massive increase in people taking up meditation in recent years and its due to one thing in particular: 

The benefits that meditators have claimed for years are now backed by science. Over four decades worth that supports the impact of meditation on our brain power cutting stress and anxiety, making you more creative, productive, calm, clear, energised, happy, aware and healthy - you’ll also get sick less. Research even suggests it reverses your biological age.

Yes that’s what I said.  (Read More) You don’t have to feel ‘stressed’ to gain benefits, I use it as a performance technique. Your body is built to accumulate stress and we often just normalise the experience.  You don't have to change your whole life, the practice is easy and you can do it basically anywhere.

Firstly, it's epic...

I wish I could have told myself at younger age to get out of my own way and just learn.

BUT Meditation is like the term exercise, everyone should be doing it but there are different types that engage the mind and body in different ways and so have different outcomes. I studied and specialise in a meditation practice based on Vedic philosophy, known as Vedic Meditation. I teach this as well as integrated online courses, corporate programs and private workshops to help you reduce stress, shift limiting mindsets and increase performance allowing you to experience more alignment, flow and fulfilment in your life.I teach in a way to bring meditation to where you are, rather than expecting you to make huge unrealistic life changes.

You don’t have to adopt a whole lot of beliefs, or put on a robe and become celibate - but you can if you want. You do it your way with guidance from me.All you need is ten to twenty minutes once or twice a day, a comfortable place to sit, and eyelids.  The technique uses specific mantras effortlessly whispered internally, naturally moving you to deep states of rest.  Yes, even deeper than sleep. At the same time your brain is stimulated in total coherence. It’s a thing.All meditation has its place. But this technique is different and unique compared to the guided apps or concentration techniques which are quite common as it allows the body to hit different states of brain wave activity, rest and consciousness. (Click here to read the science) 

The benefits flow from there.This technique is the most efficiently potent out there in terms of removing the barriers; anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, fatigue. Meditation makes all these things easier to cope with if not eliminating them all together.  At worst, I can guarantee your life will get better by about 10%... then there is the upside from there.


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