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launches October 31st

Maybe you’ve dabbled in meditation before. You’ve probably downloaded an app. You also probably exercise. So do millions of people and stress is still one of the biggest issues we face. It’s not working.

Thats why I created Maverick Meditation. You learn once and have it for life.

"It has been absolutely life changing, every single morning since I have been meditating.

For me previously my biggest struggles have been with anxiety and continuous cyclical thinking, I am a chronic overthinker. Something I have really struggled with for most of my life.

My mum had begged me to do meditation along with other people in my life.

I've done so much personal development but meditation was something I resisted for so long.

I really resonate with the way Janoah speaks about it.

He breaks it down so easily to understand and action.

It is not that all my thoughts go away, it is the after effects. 

My anxiety is so much better, so much less over thinking, I'm clearer and my days just flow.

Janoah is your teacher if you are looking to learn he holds amazing space, non-judgemental and caters to where you are at. Do yourself a favour and book in.

- Marnie Gowans

What Do You Get?

~ Full Access to 3 Live Maverick Meditation Workshops hosted by Janoah. Plus recordings.

~ Lifetime Access to self paced Maverick Meditation Course (value $297).

~ Step by step guide on how to meditate with a Mantra.

~ Workbook & Journal Guide.

~ ‘Calming’ Stress Management techniques.

~ Neuroscience of Stress Release.

~ Mindfulness Masterclass.

~ Habit Loop Process for routine.

~ On-going access to and support from Janoah through private group of like minded people.

~ 50% discount to use toward Step 2: Mind Reset Course.

Investment for Live Course + Lifetime Access: $497

"I want to say a huge thank you for having me and holding that space for me during the 21 days of meditation. 

It honestly for me was life changing. I learnt how to stop, go inward, feel it all, and create a new found peaceful sanctuary within me. 

I even look different lol. This meditation course has literally changed my life. I have created new habits - new morning and afternoon routines. And you literally gave me my power back. 


No one actually teaches this stuff, and mediation can be super daunting at first, but I genuinely am so grateful for you and the skill you have given me, which in turn has given me back my own power, I don’t need to rely on youtube for my inner peace. 

I seriously learnt so much about myself and I truly am grateful for your teachings. 


From the bottom of my big heart, thank you!"

- Tiahna Cattanach

How Does The Course Work?

I studied Vedic Meditation which is the full mantra style of meditation that includes a ceremony and private mantra given by trained teacher.

This would normally cost you between $1000-$3000 to learn.

I created Maverick Meditation based off this philosophy but using slightly different Mantras and without the need for the full ceremony (you can still learn that if you like).

It is taught live online via zoom and you get replays.

Session 1: Monday 31st October 7pm (AEDT)

- Meditation & Vedic Philosophy

- Receive choice of three mantra

- Full step by step how to meditate

- Group Meditation

- Q & A

Session 2: Monday 7th November 7pm (AEDT)

- Meditation review / check in

- Neuroscience of Stress Release

- Calming Breathing Technique

- Group Meditation

- Q & A

Session 3: Monday 14th November 7pm (AEDT)

- Meditation review / check in

- Mastering Mindfulness & Bhuddist Philosophy

- Gratitude to rewire your brain

- The art of Non-Attachment

- Being in the present

- Group Meditation

- Q & A

Why Maverick Meditation...?

I have taught hundreds of people this technique to help them

~ Decrease stress and anxiety

~ Increase clarity and focus

~ Increasee resilience and ability to face challenges

~ Increase calmness and be less reactive

~ Increase awareness and intuition

~ Increase creativity

~ Be consistent and self sufficient

~ Never have to plug into an app again

~ Hve better sleep and more energy


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